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Screen on Sliding Door 

Slider and Stacker Doors - Retractable Insect Screens

A retractable insect screen will enhance any sized sliding or set of stacker doors.  Our fly screens slide neatly into an almost invisible side cartridge when not needed allowing a clear, unencumbered view.  On days when there are no insects, you can open your doors with no insect screens visible.


 Extending screen

Insect Screen being extended         Insect Screen fully extended 


Of the 8 models offered by us, 5 are suitable for Sliding and Stacker Doors. They are Models A, BD, X, S and Maxi.  The most appropriate choice will depend on:

  • size of your opening (choice may be between a single, double or muli panel screen)
  • way the floor is finished up to the door opening (eg this will determine whether a 3mm track or a 20X30mm channel is best)
  • aesthetics regarding the number of panels and the colour (although most of our doors are available in all Dulux colours).


Product Info Open this table for a summary of the differences between the 8 retractable screen models.


The features of all of our screens include:


Semi-transparent pleated mesh
  • Flyscreen is 20mm semi transparent pleated polyester which provides maximum view and ventilation.
 Screens glide easily  
  • No tensioned spring or counter balance mechanism or brake.  Kevlar cords tension the mesh.  Screen slides easily and stops in any position along the opening.
Track and channel
  • Either 3mm barrier free floor sill or 20X30mm fixed channel, depending on the model.
Suit various sized openings
  • Suitable for large or small openings.
  • Sturdy construction.  Most screens are manufactured in our Bayswater factory.
  • Full Dulux colour range available for most models.